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Jesus Freaks: Stories of Those Who Stood for Jesus

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dc Talk and The Voice of the Martyrs

This bestselling classic has been freshly revised and updated for a new generation! The Voice of the Martyrs international and the Grammy Award-winning music group, dc Talk, challenge readers to examine their dedication to God through this compilation of inspiring testimonies featuring believers who continued faithfully serving as witnesses of Jesus – even in the face of death.

The recently added stories further reveal how persecuted Christians from some of the world’s most dangerous places have chosen to steadfastly follow Christ despite the high cost. Here are just a few of the many testimonies featured in this book:

  • Pastor Han was stabbed to death by North Korean agents for sharing the Gospel with North Koreans in China.

  • Werner Groenewald, and his two children, Jean-Pierre and Rodé, were killed in a Taliban attack on their home in Afghanistan.

  • Fatima al-Mutairi was killed by her brother after becoming a Christian in Saudi Arabia.

  • Habila survived being shot in the face by Boko Haram militants after refusing to renounce his faith in Christ.

This new edition also includes information on the world’s restricted nations and hostile areas where our brothers and sisters in Christ are being persecuted for their witness today. Jesus Freaks is a gift that will inspire the faith of today’s youth, strengthening their resolve to stand spiritually strong in the face of adversity

(Paperback, 415 pages)