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Byang Kato - Christian Biographies for Young Readers

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Byang Kato

Illustrated Biography Book


Byang Kato grew up in a Nigerian family that was devoted to juju, a religion steeped in superstition and mystic rituals. From a young age, he planned to become a juju priest. Yet, everything changed when Byang encountered the Gospel message through Christian missionaries.

In this wonderfully illustrated children’s book, author Simonetta Carr describes how the eager youth devoted himself to learning about Jesus and sharing his newfound faith with others. Young readers, as well as their families and educators, will learn how God mightily used this dedicated Nigerian follower of Christ to pastor churches, teach at Bible schools, and encourage numerous other people – far and wide – through his inspirational teachings and writings. As a result of Byang’s leadership, many in Africa and beyond have discovered their true identity in Christ.


Hardcover, 64 pages