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Wang Mingdao - Christian Biographies for Young Readers

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Wang Mingdao

Illustrated Biography Book


This biography book by Simonetta Carr introduces us to Pastor Wang Mingdao, a father of the Chinese evangelical church. Pastor Mingdao is remembered for standing firm for the true Gospel, even though it cost him his earthly freedom. Despite experiencing a moment of weakness during persecution, he found restoration in Christ and persevered through 23 years of imprisonment. His courage and strength serve as reminders for us modern-day Christians that we can continue to trust in the Lord and remain faithful to Him during our own times of hardship and persecution.

This testimonial book, which is part of the Christian Biographies for Young Readers series, introduces children to some unfamiliar followers of Christ whose exemplary lives have impacted many people in their homelands; and now, through this series, also in other countries. Each book goes beyond the simple storytelling of someone’s life by teaching young readers the historical and theological relevance of the featured character. Not only will parents and schoolteachers appreciate the excellent educational value of this series, they will also note the exceptional quality of the pages – and the beautifully featured artwork they contain – making each volume an inspiring keepsake for generations to come!


Hardcover, 64 pages