The Face of Courage

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Based on the Historical Account of Edith Cavell

The Face of Courage, a beautifully illustrated children’s storybook, features the fascinating venture of two Canadian children who travel to England for a vacation with their Nana (grandmother). While touring England’s historical sites, their Nana relates the true account of Edith Cavell's dedicated life as a nurse during World War I.

Edith Cavell, who believed in the value of all people, heroically provided care for wounded soldiers during the war in occupied Belgium. Since she also cared for allied soldiers trapped behind enemy lines, she was treated as a traitor. Her biography is one of great courage, faith, and deep commitment to God, whom she ultimately honoured through her acts of kindness and love toward humanity.

This heart-warming story, which is now being released for the first time, will truly inspire young readers (suitable for ages 8 to 12) and their families. It’s also an ideal addition to any library collection of historically based children’s books – whether at home, school or church. Hardcover, 64 pages