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Living in the Underground Church ( Korean English Bilingual Edition )

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The Korean - English bilingual edition of Rev. Eric Foley's Living in the Underground Church.

For Christianity to continue to survive and advance into the next, more hostile and restrictive generation in Korea, it must return to the practices of the very first generation of Korean Christians. These first generation Korean Christians did not simply read the Bible as one of many Christian activities in their life. Reading the Bible was their life. For them, sagyeonghoe (bible examination meeting) was a daily event engaged in by each Korean Christian as they attempted to make their way through this “strange new world of the Bible” they had entered.
What does it mean to be a Christian living in the underground church? It means that life becomes sagyeonghoe. It means that we read aloud, memorizing the Bible texts and reciting them, and then following their teaching literally in daily ethics, moral conduct, and matters of socio-political principle. It means that we undertake this single task as the length and breadth of our Christian life, with the same intensity, focus, abandonment, and allegiance to God as did the earliest Korean Christians.
The purpose of this book is to provide a simple method for living that life, which, as we will see, always leads one perpendicular to the world and thus, inevitably, underground.