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Imprisoned with Isis: Faith in the Face of Evil

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Petr Jasek with Rebecca George

"Do you know what waterboarding is?" they asked. "Yes," I said, "I know what waterboarding is." "Well, you don't know how it feels. We will show you."

These words are part of the remarkable story about the inhumane ordeal endured by VOM's Petr Jasek, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in Sudan and put in a cell with ISIS fighters. One of these prisoners had taken part in the murder of Egyptian Christians on a Libyan beach. Another had been a bodyguard for Osama bin Laden.

Petr would remain behind bars for 445 days among these notorious criminals before being released, thanks to God and the prayers of thousands of Christians worldwide. Now you can read how God's incredible sustaining power helped Petr to survive against the odds!

(Hardcover, 224 pages)