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Canada Author Bundle 3 Book Set

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VOMC Resource Set


In celebration of the Lord’s faithful provision throughout more than 50 years of ministry service, we are pleased to offer this special collection featuring three VOMC original books:

  • Closer to the Fire: Join VOMC’s Minister-at-Large, Greg Musselman, on an unforgettable journey across the globe as he shares the real-life stories of believers who’ve stood strong in the face of opposition. Paperback, 146 pages
  • Trouble on the Way: Learn about the various stages of Christian persecution, and how to respond to opposition with confident love, in this award-winning book by ministry CEO Floyd Brobbel. Paperback, 204 pages
  • From Under the Altar: Be encouraged by 50 inspiring devotional messages from VOMC staff members, volunteers and ministry friends. Soft cover 135 pages

Now, just in time for the Christmas season, you can order all three books at the special bundle price of $25.