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Karl Marx and the Satanic Roots of Communism

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Karl Marx, Coauthor of the revolutionary text The Communist Manifesto, grew up in a Christian family, and his early writings showed belief in Christian worldview. Yet in his adulthood, Marx embraced a deep personal rebellion against God and all Christian values. In Karl Marx and the Satanic Roots of Communism, Richard Wurmbrand explores the development of Marx's antireligious perspective that led to the philosophical foundations of communism.

By examining Marx's writings as well as biographical accounts, Wurmbrand builds a convincing case that Marx adhered to a belief system that opposes God. This book provides significant insight to why Christians and the church have been targeted by Marxists and Communists alike as it exposes the evil roots of a theory and government system that continue to persecute Christians in the present.


Paperback - 164 pages